simplifytaxes is a consulting firm that specializes in helping foreign companies enter and succeed in the Indian market. They offer a range of services to clients, including market research, regulatory compliance, legal and financial advice, and assistance with business setup and operations. Their team of experts has extensive knowledge of the Indian business environment and can help clients navigate the complex regulatory and cultural landscape. They work with companies from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, IT, healthcare, and consumer goods. If you are considering entering the Indian market, India Entry Consulting can provide you with the expertise and support you need to succeed.

How Can We Help You ?

Our professional team has rich experience setting up a business in India for foreign investors and multinational groups. Our range of service offerings includes an initial market study to post-setup support for operational optimization. We invest considerable time in understanding the business operations, needs, and goals of any business enterprise, and based on this offer our structured solutions. 


Legal Challenges are one of the biggest challenges encountered by startup companies. The startup companies might end up into trouble when the company fails to meet all the legal requirements.

For a startup, it is not possible to pool in resources equal to the deep-rooted corporate house. However, with proper knowledge and support from the right consultancy, the risk can be prevented or diminished.

  1. Business structure: First and foremost thing about business is to classify the top requirement of the business. Based on the set of requirements, the structure of the business is articulated such as sole partnership, proprietorship, a public company, private limited company, or a limited liability partnership. There are certain legal requirements that need to be followed for each business structure.
  2. Taxation: Full acquiescence with tax laws is compulsory to avoid punishment and penalties. Startups must have inclusive knowledge about their tax liabilities towards the state and central governments. Startups should ensure that they are aware of the new taxes, their impact on the business model, and their liabilities.
  3. Business licenses: To ensure your business run without any trouble, the required licenses have to be attained. Most licenses are based on industry-specific. For instance, a startup food business has to obtain licenses relating to food safety, health, and food adulteration. The conditions mentioned in the license have to be fulfilled to avoid further complications.
  4. Labor Laws: When a startup inaugurates operations and employs employees, it is subject to the countries labor laws. The major challenge for startups is to safeguard that it is compliant with all the appropriate labor laws. These laws relate to minimum wages, provident funds, payment of gratuity, maternity benefits, and prevention of sexual harassment at the office, etc.
  5. Listing Requirements: A company has to comply with relevant SEBI regulations to list its securities in a stock exchange. These are regularly updated, and hence it is important for a startup to be well-versed in all the up-to-the-minute developments.
  6. Protection of Intellectual Property: With the growth in startup entrepreneurs, the company needs to create intellectual property (IP) simultaneously comprised of codes, research findings, algorithms, designs, etc. This is done to protect the IP from misusing by other entities or competitors and gain profit. Basic tenets of intellectual property rights should be considered such as copyright protection, trademark registration, patent filing, etc.

Why Virtual CFO Services ?

Organizations are rapidly realigning their operations considering digital advancement, to meet the new business challenges irrespective of business size and seize new growth opportunities. Managing a business’s finances, audits, internal regulations, legal compliances, capital, corporate governance, and addressing digital requirements is of utmost importance and one cannot afford to neglect any of these areas. The Founders often get misled in their vision for growth towards ensuring compliance and cashflow issues. With the market requirement for supreme mentors and coaches, Virtual CFO Services have become prevalent guiding Startups, MSMEs, and Large Enterprises and acting as an umbrella solution for managing business challenges and boosting growth.

Service we provide under Virtual CFO

  1. Accurate Budgeting & Accounting: A strong and well-planned Budgeting ensures the company maintains healthy profit. Virtual CFO also assists in determining the amount of money required by combining the salary and the cost.
  2. Improve Profitability: Virtual CFO services analyze your resources and save your company from any sort of wastage. A well-planned and executed strategy boosts the overall productivity of the business.
  3. Decision Making: Virtual CFO also helps in the decision-making process of the company which ultimately leads to business growth. It analyses the finances and operations of the company by using the identification of key operational indicators.
  4. Risk Assessment: Virtual CFO recognizes potential risks and provides solutions to curb the level of risk which may influence business over the long haul and improve opportunities.
  5. Success Focused: Virtual CFO keeps a constant eye on the current market and financial condition and works continuously on a success-based model. The virtual CFO frequently tracks and evaluates factors such as production, distribution, sales, cash flow, distribution, and inventory levels which show the KPIs. 
  6. Growth Strategy Mentor: The virtual CFO evaluates the business and suggests growth strategy/planning. The virtual CFO creates a suitable improvement plan, market strategy, and advanced idea in order to recognize when financing is required in the business.
  7. Access to investors: Virtual CFO also helps in the decision-making process and looking to relevant options of investors for the organization which ultimately leads to the growth of the business. 
  8. Help in valuations: Business Valuations of Assets, Liabilities, and securities recognize the market equity value instruments, debt instruments, and derivatives issued by government agencies, financial institutions, and corporate organizations. 
  9. Organizational Hierarchy Structure: Virtual CFO services have the power to make any changes in the organizational hierarchical structure of the company as and when needed for business growth.

Why Choose Simplifytaxes ?

 Simplifytaxes has a pool of professionals with rich industry experience and can help in providing virtual CFO services for start-ups and MSMEs who will work with your company. A virtual CFO can help you manage your books, create budgets and monitor your finances. Simplifytaxes provides a one-stop solution to all business needs and ensures growth consistently. No matter what type of financial, legal, hierarchical, regulatory, etc. Simplifytaxes is ready to provide outsourced CFO services support.

  1. Flexible Cost: Keeping Fixed costs at a low level with expert CFO support for the business you can choose the amount of work the Virtual CFO would do depending on chosen services. These services can be on-site, off-site, or Hybrid
  2. Growth-oriented Solution: Virtual CFO helps identify risks and challenges and support for growth)
  3. Experienced Team: Virtual CFO services are backed up by experience resources for Mentoring, compliance with diverse work experience
  4. Future-ready:  Setup support for inhouse Finance teams, Treasury Management, and Cashflow focus and help businesses towards digital transformation
  5. Accounting reforms:  Helps to define and determine the reporting structure and define the right software choices for digital transformation
  6. Umbrella Coach: Help Coach and support () Managing high-level financial strategy, planning, decision-making, and operational optimization
  7. Financial Mentor: Help develop the Financial plans and reporting structures and monitor the performance on a regular basis
  8. Treasury and Funds Management:  Manage relationships with Banks and working capital and help find investors.
  9. Risk Management: Profession Virtual CFO at ASC will take care of your overall financial, growth, risk, and management of your company.
  10. Other related Assistance: support in the management of HR & Payroll system, GST, etc.

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